Sunday, August 18

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With nuclear power plant owners seeking a rescue in Pennsylvania, a number of state lawmakers are signaling that they are willing to help, with conditions. — CBS 21 News (@CBS21NEWS) 8:00 AM - March 3, 2019


Schools to protect free speech
@realDonaldTrump gets largest standing ovation and loudest USA chants at #cpac2019 after announcing he will sign executive order requiring schools to protect free speech if they want federal funds. — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) 10:40 AM - March 2, 2019


Police deploy water cannon during #YellowVest protest in Paris
READ MORE: — RT (@RT_com) 6:30 AM - March 3, 2019


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Washington wants to know if Pakistan used U.S.-built jets to down Indian warplane— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) 7:20 AM - March 3, 2019


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